One of the key aspects of PREVENT PCP is raising awareness about both
the project activities and the PCP approach. We make an effort to establish
connections with key practitioners and stakeholders. Only this way, the
project can have a real impact on the public transport and public spaces

PREVENT PCP Academy is envisioned as a series of information webinars,
information days and workshops about PCP, challenges in transport
security area based on scenarios from PREVENT CSA. The all activities
organised by the project partners are included on this page. Scroll below to
find answers for your questions related to the PREVENT PCP scope.
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Trainings & Workshops

Valuable insights during the PREVENT PCP Info Day

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The 3rd Information Webinar [VIDEO]

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A successful training for all stakeholders involved in PREVENT PCP

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The 2nd Information Webinar on process and procedure to submit documents

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The Information Webinar on the PREVENT PCP scope

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PCP Training for Public Buyers and End-Users and the project meeting

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Legal Updates

New Article Highlights Key Data Protection Techniques

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