A successful training for all stakeholders involved in PREVENT PCP

24 June 2022

On 16th and 17th June PREVENT PCP held a training on pre-commercial procurement. Over two days, project partners, members of the user observatory group and public partners met in person and online to go through the essentials behind the methodology for the project.

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The topics covered :

  • Introduction to pre-commercial procurement and its legal aspects, from CORVERS;
  • The EAFIP methodology, open market consultation and business cases and their lessons learnt so far, from SNCF, VTREK, CORVERS and KEMEA;
  • Designing an innovation procurement process and venture capital involvement (KEMEA and CORVERS);
  • Dealing with EU restricted information (KEMEA and CORVERS);
  • Legal requirement analysis (GDPR regulations and data protection).

The training started with a dive into the theoretical understanding through the methodologies and analysis before getting a good look at what PCP means practically and the key areas to address in today’s public transport sector.

The European commission has an idea in mind and it is innovation, which is why this an important time for us”, said Anabel Peiro Baquedano, Legal Procurement Consultant at CORVERS.

Now that the PREVENT PCP contract notice has been issued, the PCP process is now at its first crucial point. From now on, it is important for all stakeholders involved to understand the technical aspects behind the processes and procedures.

Don’t forget, all available resources are available on the webpage.

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