Technologies for Public Transport Security | PCP Contractors #6

29 March 2023

The main core of PREVENT PCP is conducting an innovation pre-commercial procurement procedure. This is a method for contracting authorities to the technologies’ acquisition.

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We have already presented the main assumptions of applications submitted by most of the awarded Contractors. The last of them is the AI-Transportation Consortium. The works are carried out by A.I. Tech srl, SAET SpA. How are they going to respond to the challenges identified by the PREVENT team? 

AI-Transportation proposed a modular solution composed of different modules for people / item detection & tracking, behaviour analysis, people re-identification and crisis management. The technology will be realized using the software framework of A.I. Tech that have been extended and consolidated over the years and allows to run the analytics software modules on more than 20 hardware platforms.

Moreover, using the framework will make the analytics modules able to send alarms and notifications using the most common standard network protocols (including MQTT, HTTP and ModBUS/TCP) and with more than 10 Video Management Systems.

The proposed solutions will still be compliant with GDPR and will not require the use of external cloud services, allowing the customer to decide where to deploy each component of the system, from the video analytics application to the crisis management and where to store the data.

At least four of the six Consortia competing in the Solution Design phase will be qualified to the next stage, during which the Contractors will develop a first prototype of a technology. To learn more about the PCP approach, please visit this subpage

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