Technologies for Public Transport Security | PCP Contractors #5

22 March 2023

The identification of unattended objects is one of the main challenges in providing safety in public transport. This is the main reason why we implemented the PREVENT PCP project.

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We are constantly making progress in our work and the first phase of the pre-commercial procurement, during which the Contractors work on solutions design. Among six of them, there is a solution that is being developed by the PANOPTES Consortium. It consists of the following partners: Herta Security S.L., ChapsVision and ACIC SA.

PANOPTES implements the state of the art in artificial intelligence-assisted video surveillance, and addresses the most demanded challenges in crowded public spaces. The environment to be monitored is one of the most challenging spaces, with multiple entrances and exits, and massive arrival of passengers.

The purpose of PANOPTES is the control and early detection of security threats, alerting of situations identified as dangerous. Abandonment of bulky objects inside trains, in passenger transit areas or identification of criminals and wanted terrorists can create some risks that can be mitigated by the proposed solution.

It will have a positive impact and greatly increase the security of train stations and similar spaces. In addition, the tracking of forgotten objects will be reported along with photographs.

At least four of the six Consortia competing in the Solution Design phase will be qualified to the next stage, during which the Contractors will develop a first prototype of a technology. To learn more about the PCP approach, please visit this subpage

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