Technologies for Public Transport Security | PCP Contractors #1

22 February 2023

PREVENT PCP has entered the first phase of the project and the awarded R&D providers have launched their works to provide technologies to augment security in public transportation.

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One of the awarded submissions is DAIMON. This consortium is led by CS GROUP France, a large industrial expert in security, crisis management, and defence system. It is completed by CERTH, a renowned research centre from Greece, and XXII Group, a French SME leader in the domain of AI video-analysis. The cooperation between those organisations resulted in the application for participation in the pre-commercial procurement process within PREVENT PCP that was successfully assessed by the project’s partners. How does the Contractor plan to increase the safety in public transport?

DAIMON aims to co-design & implement a platform for:

  • Detection of unattended items in public spaces and transport Infrastructures
  • Identification and tracking of their owners through the existing CCTV system
  • Advanced management of alerts, incidents, and crisis

DAIMON will combine the most advanced innovations in AI-based video analytics with a novel crisis management system that will improve further detection, identification, and tracking performances. DAIMON will also exploit, and improve field-proven AI-based modules, developed by XXII for the robust detection of people and items in diverse environments.

These will be extended with ground-breaking Deep Learning visual analytics innovations, developed by CERTH for object-owner association, suspect tracking with (non)biometric methods and re-identification across CCTV. Additionally, DAIMON will integrate these capabilities in an enhanced crisis management system, built on CS GROUP’s Crimson platform, a ground-breaking product interoperating with legacy systems such as VMS and crisis management systems and widely adopted for the surveillance and protection of public sites and critical infrastructures.

At least four of the six Consortia competing in the Solution Design phase will be qualified to the next stage, during which the Contractors will develop a first prototype of a technology. To learn more about the PCP approach, please visit this subpage

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