The Tender has been issued!

16 June 2022

We have some exciting news for all providers who specialize in AI-based Video Analytics, identification and tracking tools, and tech integration in standard crisis management and video management systems.

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The first PAN European Public Transportation Innovation Procurement Tender has been issued.

The PREVENT PCP Contract Notice has already been published in the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) and is available at this link. This document will provide you with all pertinent information regarding the PCP process planning as part of our European project funded by the EU's Horizon 2022 Program. The documentation package related to the Contract Notice is available on the Download subpage.

Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) is a method for public buyers to acquire research and development services (and, under certain conditions, related R&D results), which involves competitive development in stages, risk-benefit sharing under market conditions, and a clear separation between the PCP and the deployment of commercial volumes of end products. PCP's goal is to direct the development of new innovations toward the needs of public buyers.

Over EUR 9 million will be invested in AI-based technologies for public transportation safety.

Also, webinars dedicated to tendering process will be organised. The next online meeting will be held on 27th June 2022. The main topic will be process and procedure to submit documents. Register for the event here!

The first webinar video is now available:

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