We are happy to invite you to the PREVENT PCP Info Day which will be held on September 13 in Brussels. The event will provide an excellent opportunity for all interested in the security of public transport to find out how to improve safety through pre-commercial procurement.

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Towards a Safe and Secure Public Transport and Spaces

The PREVENT PCP plenary meeting in Barcelona was held on June 8 and 9, 2023 at the Provença Station in Barcelona. The key information is the Consortium officially announced to the successful Contractors the start of Phase 2 of the pre-commercial procurement of technology solutions.

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We Are Entering the Prototype Development Stage

Another milestone ahead of PREVENT PCP. The project team will meet on June 8-9, 2023 in Barcelona to summarise the work done and plan the next actions.

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Here and Now We Improve the Safety of Public Transport and Spaces

PREVENT PCP is about to enter Phase 2 of the project. But for now, let’s find out what are the results of the first Phase. We had a chance to speak with Armand Raudin – the Chairman of the Technical Management Committee (TMC)* in PREVENT PCP project.

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Technologies for Public Transport Security | PCP Contractors #6

The main core of PREVENT PCP is conducting an innovation pre-commercial procurement procedure. This is a method for contracting authorities to the technologies’ acquisition.

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Technologies for Public Transport Security | PCP Contractors #5

We are constantly making progress in our work and the first phase of the pre-commercial procurement, during which the Contractors work on solutions design. Among six of them, there is a solution that is being developed by the PANOPTES Consortium. It consists of the following partners: Herta Security S.L., ChapsVision and ACIC SA.

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Technologies for Public Transport Security | PCP Contractors #4

The PREVENT PCP approach bases on Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP). It is an efficient and dependable method for contracting authorities to challenge market innovators through an open, transparent, and competitive process.

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